About Us

RTK Communications, is a pioneer in inventory book publishing, printing, fulfillment and distribution. We continue to expand our inventory book fulfillment network, allowing publishers and authors to seamlessly distribute their content through existing channels, as well as to leading retailers, e-tailers, distributors and other specialty book sales markets.

With offices in New York and Florida RTK Communications books are typically listed as "in stock and available from Amazon.com," a distinction proven to lift sales.

RTK Communications provides professional services that enable authors to publish their own work, and by doing so, allows authors to retain control of their books' sales strategies and their profits. Offering a wide range of services from professional book interior and exterior design to editing and promotional tools, thousands of authors have taken advantage of our Unique Publishing System platform and expert staff to make their dreams a reality.

RTK Communications Publisher Services allow leading publishers to bring books back into print, test experimental titles and market niche content without the risks associated with predictive printing and distribution. Smaller publishers take advantage of RTK Communications fulfillment services, so they can concentrate on other important aspects of their businesses.

But, the primary driving force of RTK Communications is our customers. In every interaction, we strive to exceed expectations, listen and respond with a caring staff, thorough information, relevant products and quality services. As a result, RTK Communications continues to grow and innovate the industry with a new vision, unique programs and unparalleled opportunities



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