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RTK Communications under the creative vision of Shaam S-Dot Jones and leadership of Hasheem Francis is a next-level content development company that produces emerging media from print-to-broadcast to equip, encourage and empower those seeking change from the sameness of love + life.


RTK COMMUNICATIONS | we rep the King who made the bling


THE VISION is to get dreamers to open their wide shut eyes to awaken to the possibilities of living empowered changed lives.


THE MISSION is to provide engaging content that informs and transforms everyday people with choices that relevantly reflect their voices.


RTK equips, encourages and empowers people to embrace their personal power in piloting their path to purpose. We are a next-level minded, and focused on helping others be their best, by preparing to confront what’s next on their journey to purpose. 


Rep the King…It is about piloting this new frontier of interconnectivity, building social capital one conversation at a time. We are standing at the crossroads of transformation. This is a time of awesome possibilities and wonderful opportunities. One thing that we must keep in focus is that without reaching out and speaking out, we’re just talking to ourselves.  – S-Dot



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